't Eilandje in Zwijnaarde


Fasiver was originally a brownfield site, which had been abandoned for economical purposes because of historic contamination. This project involved the redevelopment of the vacated industrial site, which is strategically located at the intersection of two motorways (E40 and E17) at Zwijnaarde, into a business estate with access to the port.

The 42-hectare historic black spot contained over 175,000 m³ of highly contaminated sludge and crucially, it needed remediation before further use of the site was possible.

In addition, there was (and is) an urgent need for processing and storage capacity for dredged materials from the waterways in the region of Ghent.


Our solution

To give the project a solid foundation and financial strength, CVBA Fasiver was created as a public/private partnership with the Flemish environmental holding, the Province of East Flanders,  City of Ghent, DEC NV and Domo Service Gent NV.

The project comprises three stages: remediation, use of the premises as a sediment-processing centre and the final rezoning.

Master plan

A Master Plan was drafted for the redevelopment of the area, which included:

1) Landscape and nature, the business estate, accessibility and recreational co-use all have to be considered.

2) Research into the economical feasibility, with a selection of possible target groups of businesses that would be interested in establishing themselves there.

3) Drafting urban planning design including plot configuration, planning elements and park management

The site is now temporarily used as a treatment centre and a landfill dedicated for non-contaminated sediments that are dredged from the inland waterways around Ghent. By processing and storing the dredged materials, the ground can be raised and a development platform created for use by technological companies and small and medium-sized businesses.

In addition, a broad strip of land will be reclaimed along the Leie River embankment where people can walk and cycle. A key portion of the site located along the Zwijnaarde Canal will also be redeveloped for water-linked industry.

Once the premises are delivered by Fasiver, the site must still be made ready for construction with the installation of roads and public utilities. The Master Plan included a provision for opening up the site with a direct connection to the R4 ring road.



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