Tazerka, shore approach


Realisation of the shore approach for the gas pipelines of Maamoura and Baraka, which is part of a wider installation project of the two extraction sites situated in the Gulf of Hammamet.

Our solution

Sidra developed a solution whereby the two gas pipelines shared the same trench to minimise the environmental impact and they both landed in the shore approach of Tazerka beach.

This project involved the excavation of a 10 m wide and 2 m deep trench, with a length of 500 m.

The trench comprised:

  • An offshore trench of 350 m long, which has a bottom depth ranging between -2.5 and -7.00 m
  • An onshore trench of 150 m long, totally protected by two rock dykes

Two different types of rocks were used for the creation of the two dykes, one for the core having a weight of less than 100 kg and the other with a weight of between 100-300 kg for the protective layer. The total volume represented more than 24,000 m3.

The dyke installation lasted 30 days and once the trench was completed the two gas pipelines were installed on the bottom and covered with the material that had previously been dredged and stored in a dedicated area.


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