Terrain expansion Botlek Tank Terminal


Design & Construction of 428 m anchored quay wall at the Botlek Tank Terminal.

Our solution


  • Supply and construct combined wall Ø1220/PU12 for retaining wall

  • Supply and construct sheet piles AZ18/19/24/26/28/36 for retaining and anchor wall

  • Supply and construct 144 tie rods. Lengths varied from 30 m to 62 m

  • Relation quay length/retaining height: 271m/11.15m (Berth E & J/K), 
72m/9.35m (Berth F) and 85m/8.15m (Berth G)

  • Realisation of concrete capping beam (part prefab) from +4.50 m to –1.00 m NAP

  • Supply and construction of quay wall accessories

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