DEC's Terranova project


DEC and Dredging International are part of a consortium breathing new life into a "forgotten" former industrial site in Zelzate. The site included a former phosphoric acid and fertilizer plant (10ha), a former cokes plant (25ha) and an existing gypsum stack (85ha). Several historically contaminated areas have been cleaned up and new activities started.

Our solution

The Terranova Project encompassed many different aspects.

  • Creation of a treatment centre for dredge material
  • Creation of a new forest of 3 ha
  • Remediation of the former Kuhlman site which are heavily contaminated
  • Creation of a new industrial site which will replace the old Nilefos site
  • Further exploitation of part of the gypsum stack
  • Covering of the gypsum stack
  • Creation of a solar energy park (55.000 solar panels, green energy for more than 4.000 families)


Two zones could be distinguished in the gypsum stack, namely the north and the south zones. The gypsum stack north, on the side of the residential area ‘Klein Rusland’ was at its highest level and it has been capped and sown with grass. The gypsum stack south, has been further filled in, capped and sown with grass.

Solar panels have been installed on top of the gypsum stack on the north side and on the southern side, making this the biggest solar energy park in the Benelux. The solar panels are not visible from the residential area.



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