Transport & Installation of P11E Standard Satellite Platform


This project entailed the transport and installation of a natural gas processing offshore facility to treat gas from the P11E field, located 55km North West of Rotterdam. The P11E platform is a Standard Satellite Platform belonging to Oranje-Nassau Energie. It is designed as a generic modular processing facility and can produce 2MMNm³ of natural gas a day. On the P11E platform, the produced water is separated from the gas and condensate and disposed of overboard. The gas and condensate will be exported via a 8” pipeline to the P15D platform where the gas and condensate will be treated to further improve the transport quality.

Our solution


The installation of the P11E platform consisted of the following activities:

  • Removal of the conductor dome with DSV Glomar Vantage
  • Upending the jacket in the port of Rotterdam with sheerlegs Matador, Matador 2 and Matador 3
  • Lifting the 600T jacket onto the seabed over the pre-installed conductor
  • Installing the four 110T piles into the jacket sleeves
  • Levelling the jacket and swaging the piles
  • Installing the topside onto the jacket


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