Tuapse oil terminal


The deepening of the approach channel to the berths and the turning basin for a new oil loading terminal designed for heavy and light oil products, at Tuapse Port in Russia.

Our solution

Dredging International was tasked with dredging works which included deepening the water area of Deepwater Berth 1A and 1B, their approach channels and a 460 m turning basin.

Existing water depths on the approach channels to the berths and turning basin were from -12.5 m to 16.9 m and the existing depth of Berth 1A ranged from -9.5 m to -13.9 m.

After executing the dredging works the access channels to the berths and turning basin were deepened to -16.9 m and the water area of Berth 1A was dredged to -16.5 m and 1B to -13.2 m.

The dumping zone of the dredged soil was located in open sea at a distance of 13 km. In total around 750 000 m³ of soil was dredged.

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