The Vecht

The dredging and remediation of the river Vecht by order of the water board for the Amstel, the Gooi and the Vecht, is one of the largest projects of recent years.

Our solution


Until 2015, a total of 2.5 million cubic metres of contaminated spoil will be removed from the river bed, from Muiden to Utrecht. This equals approximately 5,000 full inland barges. The sediment of some of its tributaries, including the Weespertrekvaart, the Gaasp and the Smalweesp, will also be cleaned up.

The remediation will take place in two stages: first, the navigation channel will be dredged, after that the high-precision work will be started and the Vecht will be cleaned up to 1 metre from the bank. A crane on a pontoon will scoop up the contaminated spoil onto an inland barge.

This thorough cleaning will improve the quality of the water, increase the diversity of plants and animals, and improve navigation. In summary: a great improvement for all in and around the Vecht. The sediment remediation is the last step in a series of measures to improve the Vecht.

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