Sediment & Sludge Treatment

DEME’s environmental companies are specialized in the treatment of sediment and sludge and recycling techniques, which have been developed by our Research & Development over decades. Some of these technologies, such as Soft Soil Improvement®, have been specifically developed for in-situ treatment, while others are used on a daily basis in our fully certified sludge processing centres.

Our sediment treatment techniques include:

Natural dewatering in lagoon fields
Mechanical dewatering (chamber filter compression, membrane compression, sieve belt presses)
In-situ consolidation via horizontal or vertical drains
Vacuum consolidation

Sludge stabilisation
Soft Soil Improvement®
Consolidation via horizontal or vertical drains
Vacuum consolidation

Cold immobilisation
Chemical immobilisation

Bioremediation/land farming
Physical/chemical treatment
Flotation techniques
Sand/sludge separation via hydrocyclonage or sand separation techniques

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