Soil Remediation and Treatment

DEME’s environmental companies are specialised in remediating contaminated soil and groundwater. To achieve this, the soil is either completely excavated and processed off-site or the soil and groundwater are processed using in-situ techniques.


In-situ soil and groundwater remediation
We offer tailor-made solutions for each specific project and often many techniques are used in combination.

Techniques in our portfolio include:
Extracting soil vapour, groundwater, floating layers or sediment layers
Soil vapour extraction and compressed air injection into soil
Chemical oxidation
Bioremediation: aerobic/anaerobic
Reactive permeable barriers 

Off-site soil treatment
Soil recycling centres in strategic locations
DEC’s soil recycling centre GRC in Kallo is located in the Port of Antwerp and is one of the most innovative soil recycling centres in Europe. This centre has a capacity for 400,000 tonnes per annum. DEC has several soil and sludge recycling centres in strategic locations in Europe, such as in the port of Zeebrugge.

Four different techniques are employed:
Physical/chemical soil treatment
Thermal treatment
Immobilisation /stabilisation

Mobile soil washing systems
DEC has designed, developed and built a number of mobile soil washing and recycling systems that can be employed worldwide for on-site treatment and recycling of contaminated soil. These mobile systems ensure that soil transport costs are kept to a minimum.

Soil washing is an effective technique to remediate contaminated soil, removing a large number of organic and anorganic contaminants.


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