Hurwenense Uiterwaard

By order of the Government Service for Land and Water Management, de Vries & van de Wiel has completed a project involving the construction of a secondary channel in the Hurwenen floodplain along the river Waal and the revitalization of the Kil nature reserve. The desired result for the Hurwenen floodplain is a dynamic natural floodplain that fits in with the river Waal.

Our solution


The valuable hayfield has been excavated and given a new location elsewhere within the area. The less valuable soil below has been excavated and transported to a temporary stockpile. From the stockpile the cutter suction dredger Ameland has pumped it towards the former sand extraction pit for the purpose of raising the bottom to a more ecological friendly level.

The excavation has created a secondary channel providing clean and healthy water and a better environment for various plants and animals, particularly the current-loving species of fishes living in the Waal.

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